hello friends.

for a number of reasons, most of which I shall not go into, I’m going on an indefinite hiatus. since September, school pressures have got the better of me and over the last couple of months I’ve hardly been online. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I think it’s time to go. this coming year is the most important year of my life so far, and I simply cannot afford to waste time on the internet - and besides, I just don’t feel that tumblr has anything to offer me anymore. I’ve outgrown it, if you will. 

so. thank you to everyone who’s followed me over the couple of years i’ve been on this website; thank you to everyone i’ve spoken to and been in a mutual follow with - and thank you to the people i’ve met IRL.

I’m leaving my blog open as I spent far too long tagging my shit to completely delete it, and just in case I ever want to come back. if you want to contact me, follow me on twitter here, drop me an ask (I will still check my inbox for the near future), or contact me privately and I’ll give you my email address/facebook account. If you want any of my hoarded URLs, I’m more than happy to give them away. feel free to unfollow me; I shan’t take it personally. 

I’ve been on here for quite a while, and in a way it hurts to finally let go. but i think it’s for the best. 

thank you. 


Have you ever bullshitted an assignment so hard you basically laugh after every sentence you write

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Fill In These Things About You

name: ella
Birthday: june 27
Height: 5' 2"
Eye color: blue
Hair color: medium brownish
A random fact about you:
Favorite band: the band i listen to most is probably fall out boy so them i guess?
Favorite song: either hum hallelujah by fob or you're so last summer by taking back sunday
Favorite food: cHOCOLATE
Favorite season: summer
Favorite animal: cats woot
Favorite movie: brokeback mountain
Anything you need to work on?: not avoiding people in awkward situations
Who ended your last relationship?: wasn't a proper relationship but he did
Are you friends with your ex?: no
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: taller bc i'm short so
Dark hair or light hair?: either
Smart or attractive?: smart probably i think attraction develops
Is creativity attractive?: yeah? depends from person to person
Do you care how much money they have?: nope
Your last text: "ah okay" to my dad
Last one i received: something from twitter
The last thing you ate: chocolate
The last thing you drank: fuck knows i haven't had anything to drink all day
The last song you listened to: why am i the one, by fun.
The last book you read: The God Delusion by richard dawkins
The last movie you watched: lord of the flies
Do you play any instruments?: i played piano for a few years
A random childhood memory: my first memory is being absolutely terrified of the part in the teletubbies when the lion and the bear came on idk i was like one

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DOCTOR WHO REWATCH | aliens of london

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sometimes i’m drinking something and i can feel it spilling on me but i just keep drinking because i don’t care about anything anymore

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why was the little boy upset


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Abandoned church.

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#wow this is a fucking brilliant photoset #like wow a++ forever to whoever made this #you’ve done it you’ve won at life #ouch my fucking heart

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